About Us


Almost 40 years ago, the then Methodist Minister, Rev Albert Gard and his Superintendent Minister, Rev Robert Highfield were praying regarding the necessary closure of the Methodist Chapel in Haselbury (a congregation of only 4). As they did they felt strongly that the Lord wanted a work of God to continue under the leadership and direction of Gordon and Doreen Harris. Gordon and Doreen, once Methodists, living in the village, had experienced the Baptism of the Holy Spirit some years previously and had been attending a fellowship of like-minded believers at Tatworth, near Chard as well as holding a weekly housegroup in their own home. Once a month they held Saturday night meetings in the former W.I Hut. After much prayer and heart searching they agreed to lead a work of God in the former Methodist Chapel and subsequently were able to purchase the building (in south Somerset) to start what was then considered a village mission. That was January 1969 and they were allowed to use its original name “The Bible Christian Chapel”

A weekly Children’s work was started and the Women’s “Bright Hour” continued, as well as a Sunday evening service and mid-week Bible Study. After a while it became obvious that God was blessing the work. There was soon a congregation of about 30-40 most of whom were attending their own denominational church in the morning and joining together at the “mission” in the evening. After a few years there were others attending who had no allegiance to any denomination and who were obviously looking for something more than a “mission” style form of worship. And so the work was increased and Gordon Harris, still working in business, appointed an Eldership to help. Sadly in the mid 1980’s there was a split in the Eldership due to a disagreement over how the work was developing and the congregation was cut from 40-50 to about 15. “Was it time to close the doors?” was the question in their hearts. It seems the Lord was bringing in the next stage of its development.

Mark and Sally Harris took over the leadership in January 1986 and the Work began to grow again. Since then, the Fellowship has gone from strength to strength. In the early 1990’s an additional building was added which was named the Lighthouse. Various community activities were started and after 10 years we had outgrown the Chapel and the Lighthouse.

Yet another stage was beginning. The Lighthouse was demolished and replaced with a new £500,000 centre in September 2002 with a capacity for up to 300. By the grace of God the work continues to grow; the community activities increase and the Fellowships worship deepens. The future is in God’s hands, as was the past, but we are excited!!!

“‘Tis Jesus the first and the last,
Whose Spirit shall guide us safe home
We’ll praise Him for all that is past
and trust Him for all that’s to come.”

Believing in God’s word

Our whole ethos is based around scripture, rather than an established denomination. Although visitors will find similarities between Methodist, Baptist and Pentecostal churches.
We have developed a statement of faith to outline the major elements of our belief.