Youth Work

At the moment our youth work is not running due to Covid-19 restrictions.  Here are some activities you can try at home during November.  Click on the link for November, for some Bible stories you can watch online, and some craft ideas.  You can use the links below for the activities you would like to print, to help you make your crafts.  Have fun!!!

kids page November 2020

                    Links / craft ideas for activities for November

November 1st 2020

Make a lantern!! Use an old glass jar and decorate with some  stickers / coloured tape / ribbon.  Add a tea light candle or a battery candle.  Add the label ‘Jesus is the light of the world’.  Or you can make a paper lantern, follow the instructions on the link below. Don’t forget to add the label ‘Jesus is the light of the world’.

paper lantern template and instructions


November 8th 2020

Make a remembrance poppy.  Use a red cake case or make a circle out of paper and colour it like a poppy.  Add a black centre with some paper, tissue or a button.  Add a stem and some leaves.  Write a short prayer on each leaf,    thanking God for those that serve us, and thanking God for who He is and what He has done for us.


November 15th 2020

Make a vine branch craft!!  Stick some brown paper / draw in a branch shape across the top.  Add some bunches of grapes.  Give them some  wiggly eyes and add the verse ‘I am the vine, you are the branches’ (John 15:5)


November 22nd 2020

Make a door hanger! Print out the template door hanger from the website.  Decorate with your favourite colours / patterns / stickers.  Add the words ‘Jesus is the door, He saves me’.

doorhanger template


November 29th 2020

Make a footprint craft!  Print out the verse puzzle pathway from the website.  Put the verse together—read John 14:6. Add some footprints and a cross shape.

verse puzzle pathway


Advent Calendar craft

Have a go at this advent calendar craft!!!  You will need some sticks, string, bits of material, ribbon, numbers 1-24 on paper, chocolates and the Nativity story sentences from the link below.  Send us any photos if you manage to make it!!  Thank you to Sarah for the wonderful idea.

Christmas Advent Calendar sentences




Splat is for school years R-Y4 , it’s on every Friday night at 6.30 pm and finishes at 7:30pm. It is held in the Old Chapel of the Centre (Term time only) and costs 50p

We meet for about an hour to listen to stories from the Bible, play some very mad games, sing songs and generally have lots of fun.


Jam is for school years 5-8 (and plus), we meet at 6.30pm every Friday and finishes at 7:30pm. It is held the the Main Centre (Term time only) and cost 50p

We do a variety of things from Cinema nights (with pop corn), craft nights, game nights and always have a tuck shop.

Sunday School (CREA’8)

Runs every Sunday starts about 10:45 for an hour, then kids come back to the end of the main service and show the things they have been doing (dance, song, picture or craft)

Encounter Youth

Is our holiday club, it is run in the Easter and Summer Holidays. Kids get to play games, play instruments, do crafts, listen to stories and do some dance!