Youth Work

At the moment our youth work is not running due to Covid-19 restrictions.  Here are some activities you can try at home during September.  Click on the link for September, for some Bible stories you can watch online, and some craft ideas.  You can use the links below for the activities you would like to print, to help you make your crafts.  Have fun!!!

kids page September 2020

                    Links / craft ideas for activities for September

September 6th 2020

Make a Joseph & his coloured coat puppet.  Print the template from the website and design your own colourful coat.  Add collage materials or colour and draw your designs.

Joseph’s coat


September 13th  2020

Make Joseph binoculars!  Get 2 small cardboard tubes (toilet roll tubes!!) and stick them together to make binoculars.  Print out the template from the website, colour and wrap it round the tubes.  Attach string / wool for a strap.

Joseph Binoculars


September 20th 2020

Print the template for the pyramid shape from the website, colour the pictures on the outside and stick it together to form the pyramid.




September 27th  2020

Make an Egyptian headdress.  Print the template from the website, colour and decorate with sticky gems.  Wear your headdress!!





Splat is for school years R-Y4 , it’s on every Friday night at 6.30 pm and finishes at 7:30pm. It is held in the Old Chapel of the Centre (Term time only) and costs 50p

We meet for about an hour to listen to stories from the Bible, play some very mad games, sing songs and generally have lots of fun.


Jam is for school years 5-8 (and plus), we meet at 6.30pm every Friday and finishes at 7:30pm. It is held the the Main Centre (Term time only) and cost 50p

We do a variety of things from Cinema nights (with pop corn), craft nights, game nights and always have a tuck shop.

Sunday School (CREA’8)

Runs every Sunday starts about 10:45 for an hour, then kids come back to the end of the main service and show the things they have been doing (dance, song, picture or craft)

Encounter Youth

Is our holiday club, it is run in the Easter and Summer Holidays. Kids get to play games, play instruments, do crafts, listen to stories and do some dance!