Youth Work

Hi to our children and young people!!

For August, there will be crafts and video clips for August 8th, 15th and 22nd only as we are on holiday for some of August!!! These will be added weekly, so please look out for the new crafts added each week.

If you manage to do any of these activities please do take a photo and email it to me ( and I can put them on the website.  God bless you all,  Paula Harris

Sunday 8th August 2021

 Watch the video clip below:

Activity: Make a model of the spies escape! In the story, Rahab helped the men from God’s people escape.  They climbed down a rope down the city wall.   Rahab was told they would promise not to harm her family if she hung a red cord out of her window when they came to capture the city.  They kept their promise and Rahab’s family were safe.  God protects us and looks after us, and always keeps His promises.  To make today’s model, print out the template and support piece.  Colour them and make a hole at the bottom of Rahab’s window to thread the red wool through.  Stick the middle tower of the support piece to the back of Rahab’s house and fold back along the dotted lines to allow the model to stand.  Cut out the hay and stick it to the tower.  Colour and cut out the 2 spies, fold them in half around the red wool to make it look like they are climbing down.  See the photo below for an idea of how it should look!!


2 spies templates


Sunday 15th August 2021

 Watch the video clip below:

Activity:  Today’s story shows us how the Israelites were able to cross the Jordan river by God’s amazing power.  He can show us the way when things seem too tricky in our lives too.  They took some stones from the river to remember how God had helped them.  Today you can decorate a pebble / stone to help you remember that God loves you.  Choose a pebble / stone and clean it off!! Use some paint or permanent markers to decorate it with colours or patterns.  Add some words or pictures to help you remember God’s love for you.  Look at the photos below for some ideas.  You can seal your design by using some clear varnish / spray varnish.  There is also a colouring page of today’s story which you can print from the link below.



Sunday 22nd August 2021

Watch the video clip below:

Activity: In today’s story we see how God amazingly brought the walls of Jericho down without the army touching it at all!!! Joshua and God’s people had to trust God, do what He told them and they sang praise to God – then the walls fell down!! If you are facing something really tricky in your life, you too can trust God and He will never let you down.  For today’s craft, you can make a walls of Jericho moving picture.  Click on the link below to print the template. Colour the walls and the people. Ask a grown up to cut a slit along the black line in the middle.  Cut off the walls of Jericho just underneath the bottom of the walls, then put the base of the walls in the slit, pull the walls down to show what happened!!!  Look at the photo for ideas on how to make it.

Jericho moving picture



Our youth work is returning on Friday September 10th 2021 – hooray!!!


Splat is for school years R-Y4 , it’s on every Friday night at 6.30 pm and finishes at 7:30pm (Term time only) and costs 50p.

We meet for about an hour to listen to stories from the Bible, play some very mad games, sing songs and generally have lots of fun.

Fusion Youth Cafe

This is for school years 5-11 (and plus), we meet at 8pm every Friday and finishes at 9pm (Term time only)  A cool place to chill out, play some games and sample our Cafe with tuck shop!!